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Specifically designed to be the most efficient, effective and engaging way to build online community hubs and help businesses join the conversation!

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Everything You'd Expect from a Publishing Platform

(Publishing Platform = Beautiful Website + Powerful Content Management System + Other Great Tools)





There are many more design and configuration options available.

SEO & Mobile Optimized

Fully SEO optimized and mobile responsive so you can focus on great content and not technical mumbo-jumbo

Built-in Calendar & Directory

Geo-based calendar and directory powered by Locable's Marketing Platform

An Integrated Content Ecosystem

Articles, events, listings and pages working together to drive engagement

Automated Transactional Marketing Emails

Emails to help people take the proper action on your site

Simple Homepage Carousel, Image Galleries, Forms & More

Easily control your home page and add elements to articles with a simple interface

Social Sharing Buttons

Share your favorite articles and events with your friends with simple sharing buttons

Native Contest Engine

Run a Readers Choice/Best of Contest or turn on comment voting with the click of a button

3rd Party Integrations

Google Maps, Broadstreet Ad Server and Family Features Content Feed all pre-configured and ready to go

Custom Styles & Domain Names

Use a custom domain name and customize the look and feel of your site with simple controls

Free & Automatic Updates/No Maintenance Required

Using our hosted solution means you never have to update a plugin again plus all new features are included

Unlimited Storage/Super Fast Image Loading

All images are hosted on Amazon's CDN so your site will load super fast - Don't worry about what this means, it's a good thing

Unlimited Users & Verified Social Sign On

Have as many users as you'd like and allow them to login any way they'd like

Every plan includes: Unlimited pages, unlimited articles, unlimited events, unlimited directory listings, unlimited storage (pictures etc), unlimited directory guides, unlimited coupons/offers, unlimited users. Included traffic and banner ad serving is commensurate with plan but starts at 50,000 pageviews/month.

Use the Community Content Engine to easily do these things...

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  • Post an SEO & mobile optimized article in under 5 minutes with our paint by numbers approach
  • Control your homepage layout with sections, topics, promoted articles & galleries and more all with one-click
  • Create an article of curated events, business or even other articles quickly using the insert content feature (shown right)
  • Add email signup forms to the bottom of every article to build your email list
  • Highlight upcoming events, featured events and premium listings on your home page
  • Automatically crop images to all necessary sizes so they look good across your entire website
  • Syndicate content to and from other sites in the Locable Publisher Network (particularity useful for publishers with multiple titles)
  • Embed media such as YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Pinterest Boards and Digital Editions
  • Invite content contributors and assign authorship
  • Add a site modal or customize the sidebar
  • Export a list of events for use in print
  • Import listings and invite businesses to claim them
  • Run a readers choice or comment voting contest
  • And much more!

The Last "Website" You'll Ever Need

A portion of all membership fees go into maintenance and new features for the Community Content Engine so we're always getting better as the network grows but if you have a pet feature that isn't at the top of our road map you can have it prioritized for a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

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See what Steven Jack, former editor at, had to say about the Community Content Engine

Stability. The Locable Community Content Engine is incredibly stable. In the local news business where breaking news happens all the time, it’s essential to have a CMS you can trust. I’ve never worked on a more reliable system. Outages are virtually non-existent.

Simplicity/Ease of Use. With the Locable Community Content Engine, a publisher can have an article with photos posted in less than a minute. Five easy steps allow publishers with breaking news to be the first to get the story online.

Flexibility and Control: The Locable Community Content Engine allows individual publishers to organize their sites in countless different ways. I especially love being able to control the elements of my homepage order to make it the most relevant and usable for my readers.

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