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All The Tools & Resources Publishers Need to Grow Digital Revenue, Traffic & Engagement

Full Use of the Community Content Engine Web Publishing CMS Platform

Core Places Data Powered by Locable

Standard Banner Ads Powered by The Broadstreet Ad Server

Basic Training for You & Your Team (Sales, Planning, Content & Outreach)

Access to Our Digital Fulfillment Team

Dedicated Facebook Community Group

Email Support

*All pricing based on circulation/market population with generous multi-site discounts available. A $1,000 setup fee or 12-month contract is required for all new members. Pay for the year in advance and we'll give you 2 months free (~17%)! Content migration extra. Startup pricing available for new businesses.
Available Add-Ons

Xpress Tier for Broadstreet Ad Server

Add Premium Banner Ad Types guaranteed to set you apart from the competition.

$150 per Month

($50 off regular price)

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New Member Bonus

All new members get our Starter Kit which includes multiple sales sheet templates, sales scripts and checklists to help you get started quickly.

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How we equip local publishers to grow their revenue

1 - Define the Program

We work with publishers to help them define WHAT they can quickly sell to add revenue

2 - Sales Training

Next, we provide training and resources to equip their team with HOW to sell effectively

3 - Sales Materials

Then, we provide sales sheets, media kits & inserts, and other important sales material

4 - Sales Support

Finally, we can help with proposals, competitive reviews, and even join on sales calls as needed

We also offer sales training programs for those looking for more extensive support beyond the included membership sales support.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a custom website?

No, at this time we don't offer custom websites. We can however change colors, fonts, font sizes, background images, and a few other things to give you a unique look. If there is something specific you're looking for, we'd love to hear from you. We're always looking to add new features/layouts to the platform as it makes sense.

Who actually manages the website?

That depends! Everything is designed to be super easy to use and do yourself but we do offer a range of services for those that simply don't want to deal with it on their own. Either way, we handle all the technical stuff like updates, maintenance and security.

Why a network?

Being part of a network means that we can all continually learn from each other and can build better tools and solutions by pooling our resources together much like how a television network, such as CBS, works with locally owned affiliates.

We hold regular office hours, host a private Facebook group and are continually developing new technology and resources for members. As such, you are never alone when it comes to building a successful online community!

How do feature requests work?

We're always on the lookout for new ideas and maintain a backlog of features to add to the platform. Each feature is prioritized based on a variety of factors including but not limited to best practices within the industry, the size of the project, and maintenance needs within the network. Should you have a feature that you'd like to see added to the platform, we want to hear from you. All presented ideas with be reviewed and added to the roadmap if it's determined to be a good fit for the network as a whole. A portion of all membership fees go into maintenance and new features for the Community Content Engine so we're always getting better as the network grows but if you have a pet feature that isn't at the top of our road map you can have it prioritized for a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

Do I still need hosting?

Yes! While we will provide you with website hosting via our own servers, you will still need domain and email hosting from a service like Godaddy or Google.

Are there any limits for the Community Content Engine?

There is a soft cap of 100k pageviews and 1,000,000 ad impressions per month in our base package. If you go over that, there may be additional costs for maintaining your website. There are no user or storage limits. You also get all updates automatically as soon as they are available at no additional cost.

What if I'm not ready for the full membership?

We offer three options for those publishers not ready for full membership:

1) We offer 3 consulting packages to help you identify a strategic plan for your businesses. You can learn more about those here. These 3 options are designed to help you asses the feasibility of digital for your publication and provide more in-depth strategic planning and training before making your decision.

2) Our partner program is great for publishers that want to leverage their own technology & resources but still want to be able to offer the Locable Marketing Platform to their advertisers as a value add service. Contact us here for more information on how to become a partner.

3) If you're just looking for a new mobile-optimized corporate website AND don't plan on producing regular content for your website, then Locable's Marketing Platform may be a good option for you.

Have more questions? We've got answers!

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