How To Run a Successful Social Promotion

in Community Content Engine, social promotions

Social promotions represent a huge opportunity for local publishers, both as a source of revenue but also as a tool that will help you grow your audience. This week's training will walk you through all the necessary things you need to do to run a successful social promotion on your website. Check out the training below to learn more and take you through the process step-by-step.

Each contest should include a banner ad and site modal on your site promoting the contest, a contest page with email opt-in and share buttons, and boosted posts on Facebook which allows you to guarantee reach/drive entries.

If you are interested in some help setting up a social promotion, contact us here and we can tell you more about the process.

Here are some highlights from the training video:

1:12 Types of Social Promotions
2:22 How to Sell Social Promotions
4:28 Pricing and Different Packages
8:09 Benefits to Your Advertisers
8:35 The Key to Successful Prizes
11:04 The Right Promotion Strategy
13:33 Coach Up Advertisers to Successfully Promote
15:07 Designing for Engagement
20:07 Facebook and Social Sharing Considerations
24:54 How to Wrap Up Your Social Promotion
28:15 One Critical Thing to Share with Your Advertisers
29:05 The Most Important Way to Spread Your Message if You Have a Smaller Audience

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