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Locable Helps Publishers Grow Just 3 Things - Revenue, Traffic and Content

Local media publishers have spent years or decades building brand but that brand is, for the most part, trapped on the paper their magazine's are printed on.

At Locable, we extend your brand to drive revenue, traffic and content under their properties in ways the publishers generally haven't even considered.

One of the most exciting and frustrating thing about my job is introducing a publisher to the world of making money online. Exciting because once they join us and get it they realize that they have an unfair advantage when it comes to digital and we can easily help them exploit it. Frustrating because until publishers get to see what we do with them they don't just not-get-it but they believe something to be true and it's wrong i.e. they have time to figure out digital, digital takes a lot of extra work and, (most grievously) they think they're in the magazine business when in reality they're in the media business.

"The publishers who are going to fail... are focused on building a magazine, not on building their brand." Prescott Shibles CEO of eMedia Vitals via Niche Magazine Success Strategies for a Multi-Screen World.

To be sure, a local publisher should be able to easily monetize digital without significant effort. There is effort but when done right it's in the work-smarter-not-harder vein and Locable takes this further by picking up the slack for our partners.

If you think you have a strong local brand that is relevant to readers and delivers value to your advertisers contact us to learn more about how Locable can accelerate your business immediately.

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