What are the impacts of syndicating or republishing digital content? Key considerations

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A magazine publisher in Wisconsin came to us with some questions about syndicating, republishing, and reusing content.

What are the impacts of republishing digital content to our site or from our site?

First, definitely share content from your website to email, Facebook, etc. You can do this multiple times if older content becomes relevant again or you have a listicle (list-article) and you reference multiple local organizations - in that case, you'd want to do a share for each business.

Does reposting client blog content on your website benefit anyone?

Every business should be blogging, we dedicate a lot of effort to educating and empowering small businesses to this end with our marketing tools.

Once they have content, turning into a paid advertorial on your website is a great way for you to amplify them.

Just identify it as an advertorial and reference the original work with a link - be sure to no-follow the link per Google's terms of service.

Article pickups from other media are a fun and easy way to add your two-cents

Has a national publication or poll commented on your community? Why not create an article to reference it, add your thoughts, and promote it to your readers?

Likewise, if another local media outlet covers something of interest and you have more to say you can do a quick article to incorporate your perspective.

What about syndicated content and Family Features?

Our Community Content Engine CMS platform for local publishers includes content from Family Features to help supplement lifestyle content - automatically or via curation which requires just a couple of clicks.

This content isn't going to help with Google but does provide more content and more for you to promote through email and social media.

Likewise, if you run a network of websites with us then you can publish an article to one place and distribute it to other sites in your network. Just remember the 'home site' where you publish it will be the one that gets the SEO benefits.

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What are the impacts of syndicating or republishing digi... A magazine publisher in Wisconsin came to us with some questions about syndicating, re...
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