Podcasting for Local Publisher Webinar Recap with Jason Huddle of Cabarrus Magazine

Podcasts are becoming more popular and local publishers are starting to experiment with them.

In our webinar this morning, we sat down to talk with Jason Huddle Publisher of Cabarrus Magazine to discuss their "Up Front" podcast and how they're leveraging their assets to drive engagement and revenue.

We talked about process, promotion and - of course - revenue.

Catch the full webinar here to hear the details including how long each step takes, tips to get it right and more - highlights are below.

Thinking About Doing a Podcast?

Jason had a few specific suggestions:

  1. Decide who will be a host - it doesn't have to be you but needs to be someone who enjoys sitting behind the camera
  2. Shoot multiple episodes before your publish them. This takes stress off and helps you have more to 'show' people as part of the sales/sponsorship process
  3. Leverage your assets. Use print to promote your website and tease the podcast, use the podcast to promote print etc.

I'll add two of my own: Don't think about a Podcast until you have other more basic things buttoned up like your website and leveraging & print/digital together is done well and consistently; and, podcasts take time so if you're already overworked you should wait until you're able to offload something.

Jason talked about how they coupled the Podcast with Community Sponsorships. They also take advantage of a few tools unique to our Community Content Engine, namely the Content Snippet feature and our two-step approach to marking articles as sponsored content.

The tools Jason uses to produce and promote the podcast:

  • BuzzSprout - Publishing, Transcribing & Embedding
  • Blue Mic - Microphone
  • Garage Band - Sound Effects and Editing Software - Mac only
  • Audacity - Simple editing software (he uses this after Garage Band)
  • Facebook Group - specific to the podcast though he also promotes it on their Magazine's page, via email etc. Note, Facebook group members see more content than page followers but not 100%.

Looking for a little help executing your digital strategy? Talk with us about our local publisher technology and programs.

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