Sponsored Content is a Great Way for Local Publishers to Grow Revenue, Advertiser Value, and Reader Engagement - This Tool Makes It Drop-Dead Quick & Easy

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Sponsored Articles are a great way to grow revenue and add unique value to advertisers. You can sell advertorials, sponsored listicles/article guides, and recurring columns.

Building on our Directory and the ability to tag & cross-link with individual listings, marking an article as sponsored couldn't be easier.

As you're posting an article, simply tag one or more businesses from the directory as you normally would (this does NOT make the post sponsored). This, of course, adds the article as a related article to their listing.

From there, you can choose one listing as an article sponsor. Their information is featured on the article and it's marked as sponsored which also satisfies Google's requirements.

Content sponsorships can be done in many different ways from listicles (list-articles) to advertorials to recurring columns - find more content sponsorship examples here.

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