Local Marketer Personalities and How to Sell Them- INFOGRAPH

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As a publisher, you're constantly exposed to an entire spectrum of personalities when meeting with prospective advertisers. It's always helpful to tailor your sales presentation to your audience.

By understanding what they care deeply about, you can explain clearly how you will meet their needs and, as a result, deliver much more value. With this handy infographic, we go through how to spot some of the most common personalities and how you can sell to them. Let's dig in with a quick summary of who you can find in the graphic:

John the Ribbon Cutter:

He will make it to all the local events and cares deeply about the community. Sales tip: convey the value of raising his profile in the community.

Amy the Experienced Marketer:

She is well versed in different local marketing tactics and understands the value of marketing...as long as it is profitable. Sales tip: make sure she understands how she can hit targets and accomplish goals.

Jimmy the DIY "Expert":

He feels he can learn anything he puts his mind to. He is usually smart and competent. Sales tip: help him understand the concept of opportunity cost and the real cost of the time he spends learning.

Kate the Passionate operator:

She is very good at what she does but not so great at marketing. She understands it's necessary but doesn't exactly know the best way to go about it. Sales tip: make sure she knows you can help her take marketing off her plate and provide value.

Harold the Reluctant Marketer:

Has an old school mindset and believes his business runs on word of mouth. Thinks that if he does good work he will get more business. Sales tip: make sure to gain his trust first and don't go for the hard sell.

Jane the Couponer:

She believes in the value of marketing she can see such as when coupons get turned into her though she may not be measuring these things. Sales tip: help her understand ROI and show her how to measure it.

Charlie the Cheapskate:

He's always looking for a better deal and loves negotiating. He may have become successful through his frugality but he is at the point that it now holds him back. Sales tip: show him how investing now can provide large returns and help him feel like he is getting a big discount.

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