Digital Fulfillment Services

You sell it, we fulfill! We can help you with a variety of digital services such as building a website, audience targeting and more - all available when you need it.

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A La Carte Digital Fulfillment Services

Don't turn away easy business ever again! Pay only as you need it for these digital services.

Social Promotion Design & Administration

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Contests are a great way to promote a local business and help them build their email list.

We can help you design, setup and execute campaigns on your behalf so you don't have to worry about it!

Content Creation

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Whether you'd like help creating guides, help populating your directory or would like us to seed your site with community profiles we've got you covered.

Websites for Your Customers

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The Locable Marketing Platform is an incredibly affordable marketing tool for your advertisers - it also includes a website builder which allows us to build websites on your behalf quickly and affordably.

Audience Targeting

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Place banner ads on top national brand websites to compliment the premium ads on your site and reach an unlimited # of potential customers in your market - don't be limited by low traffic ever again!

Full-service Publisher Concierge Program

Build a vibrant and engaged community site with a proven strategy

No need to hire internally or outsource completely - working with us is like adding a full digital team to your company

Get a fully customized plan for your market designed to help you meet specific content, traffic and revenue goals

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How We Can Help

Web Editor

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Keep the site fresh and relevant with a combination of original, curated and syndicated local content

Maximize traffic and engagement with key types of viral content that deliver an engaging experience for your readers

Improve local SEO with local guides and themed content tied to sponsorship opportunities

Community Manager

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Outreach to individuals and organizations to generate more content in the calendar and directory as well as a steady flow of content ideas

Maximize traffic and engagement by managing your email list and Facebook page

Identify prospects and engage businesses directly to assist with higher adoption of services like the reviews widget, featured events and premium upgrades

Digital Sales Manager

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Weekly check-in calls to hold sales reps accountable and recognize top performers

Ongoing program and collateral development

Team management, including coordinating with editorial team, and lead assignment

Available to assist reps on calls and call prep

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Local Businesses Are Spending 25% or More of Their Marketing Budgets Online

Don’t miss this profitable growth opportunity because your digital presence isn’t as active and engaging as it could be. Get a full-service digital team for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee and grow digital without all the overhead!

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