The Ultimate Pest Control Content Marketing Plan

This week we’re taking a look at local pest control companies and developing a successful content marketing plan. We know the average local Pest Control Company doesn't have a lot of time to spend learning new technology so this plan is desig... Read More
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Why SEO Matters for Local Businesses - 5 Whys

Understanding "why" you do something is important and we're big fans of the 5-Whys technique so we thought we'd run through the 5-whys for the importance of local businesses ranking well on Google and other search engines. If you think that sea... Read More
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Using Facebook Effectively to Grow Traffic

Facebook is a huge source of traffic for local publishers, so it’s really important to maximize its benefits. This post will explore some of the best ways to drive traffic to your site from Facebook. Most of the techniques in this post can be... Read More

Local Business Content Marketing 101: The Local Contractor

This week we’re taking a look how local a contractor can develop a successful content marketing plan. This plan applies to a whole host of trades including but not limited to: Roofers, HVAC Companies, General Contractors, Plumbers, and more. ... Read More

An Introduction to Collaborative Marketing for Local Businesses

As a local business owner or manager you're a very real part of your community and you likely refer friends, family and clients to other local businesses on a regular basis. This word-of-mouth marketing has and always will be the most powerful m... Read More

Content Marketing Plan: The Local Toy Store

This week we’re taking a look at local toy stores and developing a successful content marketing plan. With the rise of big box chains and Amazon, local toy stores have taken a huge hit. We’ll be diving into what it takes for a toy store to craf... Read More

The 9 Most Critical Sources Of Local Content For Local Publishers

Whether you're looking to build a local news media site or a local lifestyle publication, finding great local content is critical to your success. Taking the time to develop a few key relationships within your community will help keep a steady ... Read More
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Getting Involved and Giving Back at Locable - A Lean Startup Talk

As a company that aims to build Main Street for the 21st CenturyTM we encourage business owners to find ways to get involved in their community and give back. It's always great when we get a chance to practice what we preach. Last night I had ... Read More

Local Marketer Personalities and How to Sell Them- INFOGRAPH

As a publisher, you're constantly exposed to an entire spectrum of personalities when meeting with prospective advertisers. It's always helpful to tailor your sales presentation to your audience. By understanding what they care deeply about, you... Read More

Should You Hire a Web Editor? When to Outsource vs. Hire Internally—CASE STUDY

Here at Locable, we strive to help publishers create plans that are both profitable AND help them manage their time better. That’s why we created our Publisher Concierge Program to help busy local publishers have an effective presence online whi... Read More
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