Social Promotions - Driving Digital Revenue from Go

Conventional wisdom states that in order to make money online you need to invest significant resources (relatively speaking) to generate content in its various forms which, assuming the content is relevant, begets growing traffic and engagement which then allows you to drive revenue. Most local publishers don't have the manpower to produce enough content and the thus digital stalls being relegated to a necessary evil or at-best a bargaining gimmick for print advertisers.

Well, Locable has always contended that content, traffic and revenue are not mutually exclusive and has worked with our Affiliates to implement a digital strategy that is both effective and easily manageable by local publishers with very lean organizations. More recently, we have incorporated an expanded use of Social Promotions which is proving to be incredibly powerful.

Why are social promotions so powerful?

Well, it's been a month since we wrote about a few of the contests our affiliates have run and in that time we have solidified our Social Promotions playbook and have run a number of additional contests & sweepstakes both on-site and on Facebook. All have been extremely successful generating revenue, driving traffic through incentivized social sharing, building engagement (literally growing the # of likes on Facebook) and growing opt-in email lists.

Within the local sphere there are multiple ways to deliver value to businesses and thus generate revenue, some are one-off, some are contracted, some are recurring but they all require their own nurturing. When you strategically implement a digital strategy with Locable we work with you to drive digital revenue and grow reach immediately which lays the foundation for larger but longer-term revenue opportunities. The myriad of ways we drive revenue is beyond the scope of this email but we cover them in our webinar, be sure to join us for a free educational webinar which will show you exactly where the threats and opportunities lie and how Locable can partner with you to address them.

The near-term revenue is a nice profitable catalyst while the long-term revenue is recurring.

Social Promotions, comprised of contests and sweepstakes, are fun for the community, great for sponsors and easy to sell. Here's an example of the sorts of things we provided to our Affiliate publishers for Valentine's Day promotions which we ran on their Facebook page or website directly via our Community Content Engine. In all cases, Locable acts as our Affiliates Virtual Digital Sales Manager prepping your sales team for the sale, providing marketing materials and in some cases closing. Once sold, Locable implements the contest and thus acts as your digital back-office allowing you to drive incremental revenue from existing advertisers or prospects with no additional workload - oh, and you get more traffic, grow your Facebook fan-base and email list in the process.

Here are a few examples of Social Promotions we recently ran, our technology also lets you run reader's choice contests on your own site - it's pretty awesome. 
The way we're working with publishers to build community online is pretty special. We hope you'll take an hour to learn more about how we work with you to bring your community together.

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